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How to prevent text widows on Blog Titles in Webflow


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A quick custom code solution to balance text

Maintaining a visually appealing and reader-friendly web layout is as vital as the quality of the content itself. One common issue that web developers often face is the problem of text widows in blog titles. A 'text widow' refers to a single word that gets separated and left on a line by itself, which can disrupt the symmetry and balance of your webpage. However, there's a simple solution to this problem if you're using Webflow.

Firstly, you'll need to add an HTML ID to the text element you want to target. Let's use post-title for the sake of this example. Adding this ID will allow you to target this specific element with your code.

Next, you'll need to add the following Javascript code to your page’s Custom Code Settings in the Body section:

$('#post-title').each(function() {
  var wordArray = $(this).text().split(" ");
  if (wordArray.length > 1) {
    wordArray[wordArray.length-2] += "&nbsp;" + wordArray[wordArray.length-1];
    $(this).html(wordArray.join(" "));
}); </script>

This script works by breaking your title into an array of words and then combining the last two words. The &nbsp; ensures that there is a non-breaking space between them, thus preventing a single word from being left on its own line.

A crucial point to remember is that this script assumes that all of your blog titles are more than one word long. So, it's important to ensure this when drafting your titles.

This handy solution is derived from a helpful article at CSS-Tricks, which is a fantastic resource for web developers seeking to enhance their skills and solve common problems.

In summary, tackling text widows in your blog titles can enhance your page's overall aesthetics and improve the reader's experience. With this simple Javascript code, you can easily make your blog titles more visually appealing in Webflow.

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