About me

I’ve had a passion for creating since my early childhood, spending hours on end drawing and visualizing new places and things. At the age of 12, that passion manifested itself again when I started building websites and computer games for the first time. I began to realize that those digital mediums would birth revolutionary ways in which we would interact moving forward.

Matthew on a radio show
Brands I've worked with...
the weekly pitch
nova vita bariatrics
joe and the juice
gtm fund
italo wellness techno spa
All Maven
Wayfarer Hotel
Lex Jameson
Ori Kyoto
the weekly pitchnova vita bariatricsjoe and the juicegtm funditalo wellness techno spa
NEATTAll MavenLex JamesonWayfarerRAYL
Matthew as a child

My story

My childhood development was hindered by chronic ear infections, making it difficult to understand what people were saying to me. Repeatedly being met with frustration was a terrifying experience, and the constant inability to comprehend others made it hard for me to feel like I would ever be able to have meaningful interactions.

Despite that challenge, I went on to study 6 languages in school, traveled abroad, and grew to love helping others through effective communication. After graduating from university, I went on to work at a Consulting Agency and ultimately found myself back in design where I can most effectively help others. My motto is "be helpful" because being helpful and empowering provides me the greatest sense of fulfillment.

Designing Since I Was 12 Years Old

I started building websites in 2008 as a hobby and built dozens of sites and pages using tools like Webflow, Elementor, Clickfunnels, & others.

In 2020, I started helping businesses and other organizations build their online presence from setting up their branding and content to designing and building out their websites and landing pages.

My professional skills

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Lead & Strategy

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Team Work

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Goal Oriented

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My past experience

I have a multi-disciplinary experience in both my education and professional roles.

2021 - Ongoing

Technical Customer Support - Webflow

2020 - 2021

Web Designer - Freelance, NEATT

2019 - 2020

Business Development - Lancaster Safety

2014 - 2018

Bachelor of Arts - University of Pittsburgh

What do my clients say?

Hear from my clients about their experiences working with me.

"We are 100% satisfied. Matthew is sharp, responsive and very talented. His multilingual skills were invaluable to this Webflow project. He actually went above and beyond in taking care that our Portuguese and Spanish users were well-assisted in their use of the Weglot software. Makes me wish we had more work for him right away!"

Paul F.
The Arica School

“Matthew is very skilled in Figma, Webflow, Wordpress, and multimedia programs. He put all his skills to work for our project and totally nailed it. He is also very fast and dedicated to his commitments and schedule. He went above and beyond to make sure the project was successful. The end product is amazing and all our stakeholders are over the moon with the work. I recommend Matthew for your projects. I know that I will hire him for my next projects.”

Steve F.
Product Designer @ RAYL

“I’m really happy with the website and the response time from Matthew. You can rely on him as a web developer to deliver a website responsive and fast for every device. I will continue to use his services for many years to come.”

David R.
Medical Director @ Nova Vita Bariatrics

“Matthew is a great Webflow developer with great accessibility skills as well. Strongly recommend him for any Webflow project.”

Dan M.
VP of Product @ Mesmer

“Matthew was easy to work with, responded well to feedback, and created some great designs for us. I enjoyed working with Matthew.”

Hardy F.
founder @ Wizform

“Matthew was awesome. He adhered to deadlines, often completing work before he was obligated to. He did an excellent job and was very responsive.”

kali r.
ceo & founder @ great keg

“Matthew's communication and quality of work was greatly helpful to our project.”

thomas eynon
owner @ eynon software llc

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