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Hi, I’m Matthew,
Web Designer &
Webflow Specialist.

Hi, I'm Matthew, a web designer from Pennsylvania. I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and studied abroad at the University of Havana. In addition to my web design work at Matthew John Design, I also work at Webflow as a Technical Support Specialist, troubleshooting website issues for Webflow customers.

Matthew as a childMatthew smiling and looking over to the right in the Webflow University Studio

My story

I’ve had a passion for creating since my early childhood, spending hours on end drawing and visualizing new places and things. At the age of 12, that passion manifested itself in another way when I started building websites and computer games for the first time.

At that age, building websites and games was not only an outlet for creative expression, but was also a catalyst of communication that would help me better connect with my family and friends.

My childhood development was hindered by chronic ear infections, making it difficult to understand what people were saying to me. Repeatedly being met with frustration was a terrifying experience, and the constant inability to comprehend others made it hard for me to feel like I would ever be able to have meaningful interactions.

Despite that challenge, I went on to study 6 different languages in school, traveled abroad, and grew to love helping others through effective communication.

In addition to my web design work at Matthew John Design, I also work at Webflow as a Technical Support Specialist, troubleshooting website issues for Webflow customers. My motto is "be helpful" because being helpful and empowering gives me the greatest sense of fulfillment.

About me & portfolio

Highlight experiences

I have a multi-disciplinary experience in both my education and professional roles.

2022 • May & Ongoing

Matthew John Design

I expanded my freelance web design business into a small agency with more services, a client portal, and digital products.

2021 • September & Ongoing

Technical Support at Webflow

I joined Webflow's Technical Customer Support team.

2021 • March - September

Web Designer at NEATT

I worked as a Web Designer at NEATT and managed 15 Webflow sites for non-profit organizations.

2020 • March & Ongoing

Freelance Web Design

I started working as a freelance web designer, building sites with Webflow and achieved Top Rated status on Upwork.

2019 - 2020

Business Development at Lancaster Safety Consulting

I worked as a Business Development Specialist at Lancaster Safety and helped businesses across the US improve their safety protocols.

2018 • April

Graduated from University of Pittsburgh

I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and minors in Portuguese & Japanese.


Check out what my clients say about their experiences working with me.

"We are 100% satisfied. Matthew is sharp, responsive and very talented. His multilingual skills were invaluable to this Webflow project. He actually went above and beyond in taking care that our Portuguese and Spanish users were well-assisted in their use of the Weglot software. Makes me wish we had more work for him right away!"

Paul F.

The Arica School

“Matthew is very fast and dedicated to his commitments and schedule. He went above and beyond to make sure the project was successful. The end product is amazing and all our stakeholders are over the moon with the work.”

Steve F.


“I’m really happy with the website and the response time from Matthew. You can rely on him as a web developer to deliver a website responsive and fast for every device. I will continue to use his services for many years to come.”

David R.

Medical Director, Nova Vita Bariatrics

“Matthew was awesome. He adhered to deadlines, often completing work before he was obligated to. He did an excellent job and was very responsive.”

Kali R.

Founder, Great Keg

“Matthew is a great Webflow developer with great accessibility skills as well. Strongly recommend him for any Webflow project.”

Dan M.

VP of Product, Mesmer

Website Management

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