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About me

Hi, I'm Matthew, a web designer from Pennsylvania. I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and studied abroad at the University of Havana. In addition to my work at Matthew John Design, I also work at Webflow as a Technical Support Specialist, troubleshooting website issues for Webflow customers. My motto is "be helpful" because being helpful and empowering gives me the greatest sense of fulfillment.
Matthew smiling and looking over to the right in the Webflow University Studio
Matthew as a child

My story

I’ve had a passion for creating since my early childhood, spending hours on end drawing and visualizing new places and things. At the age of 12, that passion manifested itself in another way when I started building websites and computer games for the first time.

At that age, building websites and games was not only an outlet for creative expression, but was also a catalyst of communication that would help me better connect with my family and friends.

My childhood development was hindered by chronic ear infections, making it difficult to understand what people were saying to me. Repeatedly being met with frustration was a terrifying experience, and the constant inability to comprehend others made it hard for me to feel like I would ever be able to have meaningful interactions.

Despite that challenge, I went on to study 6 different languages in school, traveled abroad, and grew to love helping others through effective communication. After graduating from university, I ultimately found myself back in design where I can most effectively help others.

I currently work at Webflow in Technical Customer Support, troubleshooting website issues for customers. My motto is "be helpful" because being helpful and empowering gives me the greatest sense of fulfillment.

Highlight experiences

I have a multi-disciplinary experience in both my education and professional roles.

2021 • September & Ongoing

Technical Support at Webflow

I joined Webflow's Technical Customer Support team.

2021 • March - September

Web Designer at NEATT

I worked as a Web Designer at NEATT and managed 15 Webflow sites for non-profit organizations.

2020 • March & Ongoing

Freelance Web Design

I started working as a freelance web designer, building sites on Webflow and achieved Top Rated status on Upwork.

2019 - 2020

Business Development at Lancaster Safety Consulting

I worked as a Business Development Specialist at Lancaster Safety and helped businesses across the US improve their safety protocols.

2018 • April

Graduated from University of Pittsburgh

I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and minors in Portuguese & Japanese.

Web Design + Dev

Enjoy ongoing design, development, and quality assurance for one website, whether it be a brand new or already existing build.

Quality Assurance

Take advantage of ongoing performance and accessibility optimizations for your existing Webflow site. We'll test site performance across multiple devices and browsers.