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Website Design
+ Development

Matthew John Design provides bespoke web design and development solutions for Webflow sites with a focus on quality assurance and long term maintainability. Benefit from a process-driven framework and comprehensive documentation specific to your ongoing needs.You’ll be supported by an experienced Webflow Specialist every step of the way.
We've got you covered —

Here's all that's included.

We'll help you with design, development, and quality assurance to ensure that best practices are being followed for accessibility, usability, and search engine optimization.

Client Portal

You'll get access to our client portal so that you can submit requests and track their progress. You can also add your team members to the portal.

Monthly Requests

You can make up to 10 requests per month for design or development work. This is a flexible limit depending on the nature of requests.

Proactive QA

We'll continuously test your site for issues and proactively fix them. These will be documented in the Client Portal and won't count against your request limit.

Ongoing Support & Troubleshooting

You'll always have an experienced Webflow Specialist that's just an email away to help solve any technical issues.

CMS Collections

Design and development of CMS pages and CMS Collection implementation.

User Authentication

Establish login and registration functionality for member accounts.

Gated Content

Restrict access to parts of your site based on membership status.

CMS Favorites

Enable users to favorite CMS items and view their favorites via a dedicated page.

Privacy-First Analytics

We'll install Fathom analytics to your site at no additional cost and grant you access to the analytics dashboard.

Uptime Monitoring

Your website will be monitored 24 hours, 7 days a week, and you'll be instantly notified of any downtime that lasts more than 5 minutes.

SEO Optimizations

Ongoing on-page SEO optimizations will be conducted each month as needed.

Documentation & Video Tutorials

We'll build a website wiki of video tutorials and guides on how to manage the site for your team and future developers to reference.
Live QA Testing

Testing your site on real devices

Your site probably already works great on large devices like the iPhone 14 Pro and Galaxy S23 with default settings, but does it work well on an iPhone 12 Mini with Low Power Mode turned on? We test for these scenarios on actual devices to ensure that all of your site visitors have a consistent experience.

Foldable phone

Galaxy Z Flip4

We'll test your site using Samsung Internet on a Z Flip4. When Dark Mode is enabled, Samsung Internet changes the color of websites to match the dark theme. Checking for sufficient contrast in dark mode is an important QA item for accessibility.

Large phone

Pixel 7 Pro

We'll test your site using Google Chrome on a Pixel 7 Pro. This is a larger phone with a lot of space to display your content. In this test, we'll evaluate the usability of sections that use viewport based units for their height.

Small phone

iPhone 12 Mini

We'll test your site using Safari on an iPhone 12 Mini. This is a small phone which is useful for testing potential overflow issues on your site. We'll focus on evaluating content density and white space as well as site performance when low power mode is enabled in iOS.

Design & Development —

All for one simple price.

Simple, transparent pricing that adapts to your needs. Enjoy month to month billing and the ability to cancel at any time.

Asynchronous Communication

Communication is done completely asynchronously via the Client Portal, Loom videos, and the occasional email. The Client Portal is where requests can be organized and tracked. Most messaging will also happen in the Client Portal, so we can easily refer to specific requests and create organized threads for each conversation.

Fast Responses

You'll get a response to most requests within 48 hours. There will always be a record of what work is being done in a given month.

Website Knowledge Base

Developing and documenting processes for website management is beneficial for teams who have multiple people contributing to the site as well as for future developers. If anyone has a question or needs onboarding training, the Knowledge Base will be the first stop to find answers and learn the processes.
$2,500 /month
Access to Client Portal
On-page SEO
10 Requests
User authentication
Ongoing QA & Support
Performance Enhancements
Accessibility Audits
Website Knowledge Base
Site Analytics
Cancel anytime
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