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The Weekly Pitch

The Weekly Pitch | Newsletter Website

I designed and developed the website for The Weekly Pitch, a sales newsletter. I created the design first in Figma then built a responsive website using Webflow.

Web Design
Tools Used
Figma, Webflow
Mockups, Website, Online Training Center
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Project overview

The Weekly Pitch needed a website with a modern, minimalist feel to showcase their newsletter and encourage subscriptions. My objective was to design and build a responsive website that would help The Weekly Pitch achieve its goals. The final deliverable for this project was a fully functional, responsive website.


The client and I discussed his plans for the launch of his upcoming newsletter, The Weekly Pitch. He had seen my past work and was looking to have a website built where visitors could subscribe and explore an archive of the newsletter as well as supplemental content. He already had a logo and color palette put together, so we designed the site around those already existing assets.

Design & Development

We reviewed multiple newsletter sites for inspiration, dissecting their layouts and content structure; even subscribing to those newsletters to better understand the full user experience from email to online. I chose Plus Jakarta Display as the typeface to use across the website in order to instill professionalism, modernity, and trust. The blue color palette communicates business, integrity, and tranquility. To top it off, we put round corners throughout the UI to add a touch of friendliness and fun.

I designed each page, sending them over one by one for review. Once the design mockups were approved, I started building the website in Webflow. This project required the creation of CMS collections to power the stories and newsletter archive. Almost every page was built using dynamic CMS content. The development phase was finished within 7 days, and we prepared for launch. We connected the domain and started publishing content.

Training Center & Style Guide

I put together a style guide and training center for the client to reference. It contains video tutorials on how to maintain the site and upload content to the CMS database.


The project was completed within two weeks, and now The Weekly Pitch has fully launched and gained hundreds of subscribers.

Web Design + Dev

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Quality Assurance

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