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Pearly Dental

Dental Website Template

This is a design and build for Pearly Dental – a free, one-page website template for dentists. I created the design in Figma then built a responsive web page using Webflow.

Web Design
Tools Used
Figma, Webflow
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Project overview

This a one-pager, dental-themed website template that I distributed for free on the Webflow showcase. The COVID pandemic has devastated small businesses and forced them to put more effort into their online presence. This website template was designed to have an accessible color palette and be strictly informational to comply with HIPAA standards.


This was a concept project to practice using negative margins and absolute positioning with overlaying content and decorative dots. As with any design project, I started with a mood board of already existing webpages to use as inspiration. I created a 12 column grid in Figma and aligned my elements as they were created, being sure to include ample and consistent white space. Once the design was finished, I started building it in Webflow, piece by piece, copying over the properties from my original design. Once the layout and content were successfully developed, I added animations for the finishing touch and optimized for mobile responsiveness.


This project was good practice for properly using absolute positioning and negative margins. The website was cloned over 38 times on the Webflow showcase to be shared with dentists around the globe.

Click here to clone this website to your Webflow account.

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