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Aerogroup Website

This is a custom website design and build for a concept project – an aerospace manufacturing company. I wrote the website copy and designed the pages, then built a responsive website using Webflow.

Web Design, Content Writing
Tools Used
Figma, Webflow
Mockups, Website
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Project overview

I created this simple website with the theme of an aerospace manufacturing company working to advance the field of space exploration and discovery. I designed the pages in Figma then brought the website to life with Webflow.


I knew from the get-go that I wanted to use neutral colors to resemble space. Naturally, black and white make for the archetypical space theme I was going for. I sketched out how each section would be laid out on paper and then once I had written the content corresponding with that layout. Once the content was complete, I designed each section of the website.

The website was developed the same day in Webflow after the initial designs were finished.


This website served as good practice for building a straight-forward website with a traditional layout. Projects like this one help me exercise my design and development muscles, so that I can bring something new and exciting to my upcoming projects.

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