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web essentials

Web Essentials

Need help managing, updating, and documenting a site built on Webflow? Our Web Essentials service provides fundamental tools, content updates, documentation, and ongoing site optimizations for sites made with Webflow.
web essentials

Here's all that's included.

This Webflow-centric website management services includes the essentials to run a healthy website from analytics, website policies, and a cookie consent widget to content edits, performance enhancements, and SEO optimizations.

Task Requests

You can make up to 10 requests per month for content updates or technical support.

Privacy-First Analytics

If requested, we'll install Fathom analytics to your site at no additional cost and grant you access to the analytics dashboard.

Uptime Monitoring

Your website will be monitored 24 hours, 7 days a week, and you'll be instantly notified of any downtime that lasts more than 1 minute.

Website Policies

We'll help you create an auto-updating set of website policies through our partner, Termageddon.

Cookie Consent Widget

We'll install a cookie consent widget to your site that allows visitors to opt-in or out of website cookies.

SEO Optimizations

Ongoing on-page SEO optimizations will be conducted each month as needed.

Internal Link Placement

We'll monitor your site's SEO performance and place internal links to different pages across your site.

Performance and Usability Enhancements

We'll audit your site on an ongoing basis for any performance and accessibility issues.

Search Console Setup

We'll set your site up with Google Search Console to gain SEO insights and track performance.

Ongoing Support & Troubleshooting

You'll always have an experienced Webflow Specialist that's just an email away to help solve any technical issues.

Documentation & Video Tutorials

We'll build a website wiki of video tutorials and guides on how to manage and update the site.

Asynchronous Communication

There are no live meetings. We'll use Loom videos so that everyone can watch them at their own convenience.

All for one simple price.

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you. Enjoy month to month billing and the ability to cancel at any time.

Asynchronous Communication

Communication is done completely asynchronously over Asana messages, Loom videos, and the occasional email. We'll have a shared team in Asana where tasks can be organized and assigned. Most messaging will also happen inside Asana, so we can easily refer to specific tasks and create organized threads for each conversation.

Fast Responses

You'll get a response to most requests within 24 hours. Because tasks are tracked in Asana, there will always be a record of what work is being done in a given month.

Standard Operating Procedures

Developing and documenting processes for website management is beneficial for teams who have multiple people contributing to the site as well as for future developers. If anyone has a question or needs onboarding training, the wiki will be the first stop to find answers and learn the processes.


Webflow Site Management
$524 /month
Fundamental tools and services for a healthy website...
10 task requests per month
On-page SEO Optimizations
Privacy-focused analytics
Internal Link Placement
Uptime monitoring
Performance Enhancements
Website Policies
Accessibility Audits
Cookie Consent widget
Ongoing Support
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